July 15th, 2016

Puns are basically just jokes!

  • Being struck by lightning  is a really shocking experience!

This means when the lightning strikes it hurts.

  • He was a great doctor until he lost patients!

This is were a doctor lost all of his injured.

  • Santa’s helpers are known as subordinate clauses!

This means they are a other Clause!

  • A burglar at a construction site fell into the concrete mixer. He became a hardened criminal!

Concrete is hard and he would be  hardened!

  • Elizabeth was fired from her job the Hamburger stand for putting her hair in a bun!

Burgers go in buns and she put it in a hair bun!



July 15th, 2016

They’re -their-there.





July 15th, 2016







July 15th, 2016






July 15th, 2016

Caterpillars turn into cocoon and then become beautiful butterflies Image result for caterpillarsImage result for butterflyImage result for bees

Bees collect pollen to make honey for us to eat. YUM!

Maths week

June 23rd, 2016

This week is maths week. We have done lots of exciting activities. We had a visitor from a maths magician. We made posters to show how maths is magnificent as well as completing activities with other classes. We made paint by numbers using fractions with year 5. With year one we created art work of the school using different shapes. It’s been a fun week!


Father’s Day cards

June 17th, 2016

We made cards for Father’s Day. We used puns to make them funny. Thanks Miss Newitt for helping us! Thanks to all our dads for being there for us. I hope our cards survive the rain!



June 15th, 2016

Today we got our books!

This year we have been working with the Discovery Centre in London. We wrote and illustrated our story and it is now finished and has been published. We each got our own copies. It was really exciting to see our work and illustrations.

Hard work pays off!

We are really proud of our work and will treasures our books.


Prize giving

June 10th, 2016

We were very proud on Wednesday because Aveley primary school won first prize in a poetry competition. Well done!!!!! The sculptures we saw were fantastic and the other schools had worked really hard.

We went to Thameside Nature Park to see the sculptures and have the the prize giving. You can go to Thameside Nature Park and see them on the sculpture trail.



May 27th, 2016

in history we have been looking at what life was like for children in the past. We looked at evacuees. We made identity cards and name cards and wore them around our necks. When we came in after break we all went straight to the hall and had to stand with our hands out. We were then selected to join certain families after having our teeth, hair and hands checked. 

We discussed how we felt and then wrote letters home to our families as an evacuee. 

How would you have felt being an evacuee?