Endangered Animals blogging lessons

November 13th, 2015

For today’s blogging lesson we are looking at endangered animals. In science we have been learning about different animals and how they are at risk of extinction.

Your task today is to research different animals at risk of being endangered and find out

  • why are they endangered?
  • what can we do to help?

Apostrophes for possession blogging

October 12th, 2015

For today’s blogging lesson you will be looking at how to use apostrophes for possession.

Apostrophes can be used to show that something belongs to someone.

For example:

Billy’s coat was on the floor.

There is an ‘s after Billy to show that the coat belongs to him.

Can you write sentences using apostrophes for possession accurately.

Geography- Cities and Villages

September 30th, 2015

Today in your Geography lesson you are going to blog your research.

You have been given a city or a village in pairs and your task is to research that village.

You could find out:

what is its population?
does it have a church?
does it have a school?

Is there anything else interesting about that place?

Make sure you are using accurate spellings.

Blogging lesson

September 22nd, 2015

For your blogging lesson today you are looking at homophones.

First give a definition of a homophone.

Then, write sentences with homophones in them to show their meanings.

I look forward to reading your sentences. Make sure that they are grammatically correct as well as using the correct spelling.


September 14th, 2015

For today’s blogging lesson you will be researching teeth.


What different types of teeth are there?

What do we need teeth for?

How can we look after our teeth?

What other information did you find out about teeth?


Make sure your work is spelt correctly and is accurately punctuated.