July 15th, 2016

Puns are basically just jokes!

  • Being struck by lightning  is a really shocking experience!

This means when the lightning strikes it hurts.

  • He was a great doctor until he lost patients!

This is were a doctor lost all of his injured.

  • Santa’s helpers are known as subordinate clauses!

This means they are a other Clause!

  • A burglar at a construction site fell into the concrete mixer. He became a hardened criminal!

Concrete is hard and he would be  hardened!

  • Elizabeth was fired from her job the Hamburger stand for putting her hair in a bun!

Burgers go in buns and she put it in a hair bun!


Charles’, Ryan’s, Matthew’s & Caleb’s Wikipedia Page!

May 26th, 2016


The main events of the book is:

  • Mimi and Papa went to London and arrived at their hotel called The Ritz.
  • The children made some new friends at the hotel.
  • Grant finds a mark on Big Ben blow it up, saying someone was going to blow it up.
  • The next day, the children’s friend’s asked their Grandfather if they could go to take pictures but actually to talk about the men.
  • After that, they go to the museum and they found a note warning them.
  • They go to Madame Two Swords and find suspicious stuff.
  • A while later, they go to a toy shop and Christina shouts FIRE! Then, they go to to the Police.
  • At night, they go to Big Ben and the men were mistaken that they were going to blow up Big Ben. They were actually going to make a movie.
  • They got arrested for being so suspicious.


April 29th, 2016


My malicious X-Bot has…

Staring eyes as crimson as Mars roaming the mystical galaxy,

Some razor sharp pincers as sharp as dangerous daggers,

Bent antennas like poisonous snakes slithering in the tall sea foam grass,

Claws like an eagle catching its delicious prey,

My deadly X-Bot is…

As frightening as a vicious clown holding a sharp, blood-covered axe coming to cut you into a lot of pieces,

My fearful X-Bot…

Buzzes like a canary yellow & midnight black bumblebee stinging into your arm,

Spies like a secret undercover agent on a mission to take over the world.

Science about WATER

April 29th, 2016

Yesterday we learnt about how we wouldn’t survive without water. There are no ways to survive without water, you need food and water.

The Astro-Problem

January 15th, 2016

On the way to awesome Astroland I got off and felt sick at the end.

Presenting Astroland the greatest planet holiday of all time!

Come on this Astro-Adventure with my Magnificent Mum.

My awesome Dad my annoying sisters and my screeching baby brother.






My Wintery Adventure!!!!!!!!

January 15th, 2016

Yesterday I went to RCWA to watch some wrestling.

Gangster Granny Trip.

November 30th, 2015

On the 26th November 2015 we went on a trip to Dartford Theatre to see Gangsta Granny. It was humongous theatre, also there were binoculars to see the stage even further in. The beginning was funny, the middle was happy/sad, the end was really sad some of the people nearly cried. The way we got there was on a coach it was extremely fun to go on, at the break we got to have ice-cream! It was so delicious. It was super funny when Ben went “nooooooooooooooo”. Ben had to go to his gran’s house, who always makes cabbage things which Ben hates,  for example cabbage soup, cabbage cake and cabbage biscuits. Ben and his gangsta granny went on a heist to get the crown jewels but failed- but at least they were set free by the queen. It was fun and good, but we had to leave and go back to school. So that was THE END.

On The Weekend

November 30th, 2015


I went geocaching with my mum


On the weekend I made a extremely tall marble run. It was really fun pushing the marbles down it, my sister Hollie helped me make it. I made half of it and Hollie made the other half of it, It was so tall it nearly fell down but Hollie and I saved it before it fell down. We made the marbles go down super fast but in one part it got suck so we had to push it along the rest of that part.