July 15th, 2016

Puns are basically just jokes!

  • Being struck by lightning  is a really shocking experience!

This means when the lightning strikes it hurts.

  • He was a great doctor until he lost patients!

This is were a doctor lost all of his injured.

  • Santa’s helpers are known as subordinate clauses!

This means they are a other Clause!

  • A burglar at a construction site fell into the concrete mixer. He became a hardened criminal!

Concrete is hard and he would be  hardened!

  • Elizabeth was fired from her job the Hamburger stand for putting her hair in a bun!

Burgers go in buns and she put it in a hair bun!


Gangsta granny

November 27th, 2015

On the 26th of November we went to the theatre and  first we had to go on a coach and also we went on a huge bridge. Now let’s get into when we got to the theatre. When we got there we hade to go up some really tall and long stair then we finally got to the large room  and started to watch the funny room we also got ice cream.