April 29th, 2016


My malicious X-Bot has…

Staring eyes as crimson as Mars roaming the mystical galaxy,

Some razor sharp pincers as sharp as dangerous daggers,

Bent antennas like poisonous snakes slithering in the tall sea foam grass,

Claws like an eagle catching its delicious prey,

My deadly X-Bot is…

As frightening as a vicious clown holding a sharp, blood-covered axe coming to cut you into a lot of pieces,

My fearful X-Bot…

Buzzes like a canary yellow & midnight black bumblebee stinging into your arm,

Spies like a secret undercover agent on a mission to take over the world.

Move it- poem

November 23rd, 2015

This week we are learning a poem called ‘Move It’.

Today we performed movements to the poem.

On Friday we will perform the poem with 4D in assembly.