Prize giving

June 10th, 2016

We were very proud on Wednesday because Aveley primary school won first prize in a poetry competition. Well done!!!!! The sculptures we saw were fantastic and the other schools had worked really hard.

We went to Thameside Nature Park to see the sculptures and have the the prize giving. You can go to Thameside Nature Park and see them on the sculpture trail.


Science about WATER

April 29th, 2016

Yesterday we learnt about how we wouldn’t survive without water. There are no ways to survive without water, you need food and water.

Science club

April 21st, 2016

Today in science club we made soap. We melting soap over candles changing it from a solid to a liquid. We then added colour, glitter and scent to the liquid. We then poured the liquid into moulds where we had added rose petals. This then cooled to a solid.


Team work treat

April 21st, 2016

Because we have been working well as a team we got to have another treat today. In science we have been learning the water cycle. We worked in groups and went outside and made up dances to show the water cycle. We then watched each other’s performances. 

After that we then made posters showing the water cycle. We used different paper, felt and glitter. 



April 18th, 2016

In science we are studying ‘How would we survive without water?’  As part of this topic we have classified solids liquids and gases and identified their properties. 

We also carried out an investigation studying how water changes state over time. 


Egg drop experiment

March 31st, 2016

We have been doing lots of science this half term with science week happening. With having chicks in school, we focussed on eggs. We carried out an investigation across the school in which we created baskets to catch an egg dropping from a height. We worked in groups in class and had a competition. The winning basket then made it through to the school wide competition. The winner was announced in assembly. 6S won!

We also had an egg design competition. Mr Sisterson helped Miss Wellum with the tough decision of judging the winners as there were so many fantastic designs. Well done everyone!



March 18th, 2016

In science we have been learning lots about sound. To summarise our topic and showcase all we have learnt, we created posters. We could design them however we wanted as long as they expressed our scientific knowledge clearly. 


Science show

March 17th, 2016

We were really lucky today to have another science show.

The show was really exciting and involved lots of interesting experiments.

We learnt about classifying man made and natural materials as well as solids, liquids and gases. Additionally, we looked at plastics and polymers. We created a bouncy rubber ball by mixing together glue and borax.

There was also fire and explosions!



March 15th, 2016

Because it’s getting close to Easter, and to celebrate science, we have chicks in school.

They arrived last Monday and 7 had hatched by Wednesday. 

They have been living in the reception class to teach them about life cycles and year 5 have been documenting the process. 

Now they have hatched each class gets to go and see them. We went on Monday. We had to hold them carefully but securely. We also had to be quiet so we didn’t shock them. 

We learnt that the darker chicks are girls and the yellower ones are boys. 

It was a lovely experience. 



March 15th, 2016

In science we have been studying sound.

This linked with our computing lessons where we digitally created our own music. We also edited and improved them, thinking about debugging. 

We have learnt that sound travels from vibrations. We have also learnt the different parts of the ear and the journey sound takes to be heard. 

4D taught us a dance to remember it.